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Gerbrand Fenijn was born on
October 4, 1932
in Oosterend on the Island of Texel,
The Netherlands.

At the early age of seven he wrote
little stories and he drew comics. His father encouraged him in this.

When the war broke out (WWII)
he had to quit school
in search of work (1945).

That was not an easy proces…
A newspaper, a photographer, a book shop, 
a newspaper, an insurance office
and an office for
street evangelism passed
in review. Later he worked a long time with a
documentation department, but he ended his 'career' in the City Library of Haarlem,
where he worked for over 20 years.

The family moved to Haarlem in 1956.
Gerbrand and his wife still live in this city.

Writing always came first:
'A simple day job and a clear mind at night.'
He loved 'History' more than
the daily administrative fuss.

Gerbrand Fenijnís first book was titled
'De Vuurbakens van Griekenland' (1972)
(The Fire Beacons of Greece)
This book was reissued in 1997.

After that,
almost forty books appeared
of his hand, such as:
'Raadsels rond het Palmenhuis' (1980)
(Riddles around the Palm House),
'Opstand op Texel' (1999)
(Revolt on Texel) and
'Ontsnapt' (2009) (Escaped).

In addition,
he contributed to various collections
of short stories, this including:
'Schrijvend op weg',
'Watermerk' en 

Also, stories, comics and serials of him
appeared in different Christian magazines:
Jong & Vrij, Music & Art,
Het Reformatorisch Dagblad (newspaper)
Het Nederlands Dagblad (newspaper) and Terdege. Two of his books
were also read on the radio.

In the year 2006, Gerbrand and his wife, 'Meis'
talked on the Pasar Malam Besar (Indonesian
market in The Hague) about the book:
'Vlucht uit Indië'
(Escape from Indië)
You can see this on YouTube,
part 1, part 2 &
part 3 .
Gerbrand answers questions in part 3.

Gerbrand has several nice contacts with
his fellow-writing colleagues.

Many of his books
are set close to water scenes.

Furthermore, the concept of
'traveling' appears frequently
in his books.

Many of the children in the books are looking for happiness or follow an ideal. The concept of 'Family' plays a prominent role.
Strength, loyalty and love are key issues.

'A good story should reflect
the reality in all its aspects',
says Gerbrand Fenijn.
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